Pre-project Services


Land Development

We evaluate construction plans for the tenants and investors and shape the investment according to the land’s condition.

Architectural Project Development and Concept Generation

We evaluate the project accordingly with todays needs and the demands of the retail market and help develop it in an enviromentalist and contemporary manner. We also determine the concept and type of the project according to the city it is in, the competition, the location, the scale and the needs of the customer.

Feasibility and Reporting

We suggest store combinations and leasing conditions according to the projects leasable space and predict the income from the investment. We prepare an investment report, evaluating parameters such as competetion, customer profiles and expense potential.


Leasing Services


Shop Mix

By settling the brands in harmony and providing proper the store combination of hypermarkets, restaurant areas, entertainment areas, cinemas, national and international brands, we determine the pontential leasers according to the numbers of the stores.

Leasing Concept

We make sectoral leasing analyses considering the type of the project and the present competetion, therefore forming the leasing conditions and preparing the Letter of Intention, leasing contract and appendixes.

Leasing Process

We meet potential tenants face to face, carry out negotiations and ratify leasing contracts and appendixes.


Management Services


Shopping Mall and Real Estate Management

We prepare a business plan and budget for the optimal management of the realty, create an organization scheme and define the duties of the management team, prepare reporting systems, prepare a marketing plan and budget which provides complete communication between the visitors and tenants and implement them.

Shopping Mall Management Counselling

In order for the mall to be managed optimally, we provide such services as; preparing a business plan, budget and an organization scheme, a definition of the duties of the management team, the education of the team, preparing reporting systems, preparing a marketing plan and budget which provides complete communication between the visitors and tenants, implementing and inspecting them.



We provide the necessary support for the companies and the persons to reach the optimal performance in their real estate investments.